Comprehending Social Commerce

Social commerce is extremely influential in today’s market and internet base. Sites that combine shopping and social networking have become so popular and influential in the lives of the public. Social commerce can be defined as the utilization of user assistance and communications to aid in the selling of products and services. In a much simpler explanation, social commerce is basically the combination of social media and social networking sites to assist those in the awareness of their choices and collection of information. An example of the combination is Pinterest, a site where friends can share their choices of food, clothing, exercise tips, dream weddings, decorations, and much more.

It is an understatement to say that the number of people that act as influencers has grown exponentially. Each person relies on a friend or family member for their opinion and assurance on an item. The influence of an individual does vary based on their network. A person’s network depends on its extensiveness, level of expertise, credibility, and intensification. All of these factors need to be taken into consideration when understanding social influence. But, in the long run each person looks to another for approval regarding their social commerce choice.

Social commerce involves so many solutions that it is difficult to target them all. But, the most obvious ones need to be targeted and analyzed. First and foremost, social shopping is a solution to social commerce. The idea of social shopping involves a few people or a group of people shopping online together. The group can generate opinions on their options, needs, and wants. The group buying experience makes it that much more enjoyable for those involved.

Sites that offer ratings, reviews, or a forum are allowing those individuals to express their comments and share the information. This feature offers the audience to rate the services and to share reviews. This spikes group involvement to a whole other level. Social media optimization is also used to an advantage. Search engine optimization, link building, different feeds, and news feeds are all used in social media optimization to drive traffic to a sales location. All of these tactics are ultimately for the engagement of the audience and their sales purposes. It has become very beneficial for the internet and those sites that implement this tool.

Choosing a social commerce platform for your brand to use involves a few techniques that need to be considered. Look at your goals and review what kind of outcome you want for your business. Review the flaws in gaining more customers and keeping your current customers interested and see where that can be fixed. Analyze the factors that are the most important to the consumers and take those into consideration when choosing the right platform. You can also improve social commerce and engage your audience through effective web video from the best video production company. The social commerce platform that you choose needs to be able to translate the most important information regarding the product and its characteristics. Take all of these things into consideration when choosing a social commerce platform. Engage your audience members and drive the interactions.

The Big Commerce Review

Now I’m sure you have come across a billion reviews of Big Commerce out there.

Is it the same old jargon that you are hearing time and time again?

I want you to pat yourself on the shoulder, you have just found a Big Commerce review that is different from all those other ones. So The information you are about to read here about a Big Commerce Review is different than all those other sites out there.

I can hear how relieved you are already that you come across this site – and I can hear you blessing me already. Needless to say, you should find this review as a helpful guide of findings about BigCommerce if that is what you are after..

Step right up, be prepared to read this Big Commerce review starting right about now….

Ok, so what will I be covering in the text to come? Some good stuff you would imagine after an introduction like that right? Well, I hope I don’t disappoint..

OK so the content covered in this review will be about Shopping comparison export, selling on Facebook, PCI compliant information and the all famous and tedious task of Search Engine Optimization – or SEO for short

PCI Compliant
To start off with, if you have never heard of this acronym, please take note, as it is an important one. Firstly it is an acronym that stands for Payment Card Industry, and being PCI compliant means satisfying the security requirements that they have.

Now A lot of the top ecommerce platforms out there are PCI Compliant – but some are not. If you find one that is not, it’s best you don’t give them the light of day. If you would like to know why this is just a big tick for me? I get into the finer details next

Well BigCommerce they passed a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data, they don’t use vendor-supplied generics for system passwords and other security parameters, they product stored cardholder data, they encrypt transmission of cardholder data across open public networks, they develop and maintain secure systems and applications – and more.

The list above is not the complete list, but you should be able to take out that BigCommerce values security and protection. Do not look at an ecommerce platform without it

BigCommerce is about Shopping Comparison Export
Only Read this feature if you are interested in making serious money online. Seriously. So you need to ask yourself if you want to make some serious money online. I’m talking about making millions. If you are, this feature is for you.

I really can’t express how important this thing really is – but let’s just say it’s the difference between winning and losing. I can’t stress it enough.

Have you heard of Internet pages like Beso, Bizrate, MySimon, NexTag, PriceGrabber, and Shopzilla? These are the web sites that the Shopping Comparison Export tools allows you to get on very easily.

These sites are masters at getting a lot of traffic – so it’s in your interest to be present there. In my opinion I think it’s very worthwhile being on Internet pages like this – even though there is a small commission fee that you must pay them for the honor of being listed on their site. Money very well spent I think.

BigCommerce has Facebook Integration
Get up off the bench. If you are not displaying your products on Facebook, that’s where you are, on the bench. Or you are definitely not where the rest of the online world is. If you want to market your products to over 500 million people – yes you heard right I said over 500 million people than Facebook is where you need to be.

So if you want a “shop” tab on your Facebook Fan Page and have the ability to easily show your products to all on Facebook to see this is the thing you need.

So once the interested potential customer looks around your site and finds something that they like to purchase, they just click on that product – and this takes them straight to your website – on the page where your product is. Doesn’t get much easier than that!.

Do yourself a big favor and take advantage of Facebook through using this tool and watch your popularity and sales of your product shoot through the roof.

Powerful SEO with BigCommerce
I don’t think anyone can claim the fact that SEO is very significant to get right – it is a slow process though.

It is of the utmost importance to set up web pages correctly in the first place to give yourself the best opportunity to get into the number 1 position – where the clicks come on fast and the money comes in even faster.

If you want to make web pages that search engines like Google love to read, you need to use an ecommerce platform that understands this need – BigCommerce automatically puts your content into the right structure with H1, H2, meta keywords and more.

Making Money With An E-Commerce Website

Everyone has ideas, however it’s focusing those ideas correctly that will make or break your online business.

Most Common E-Commerce Websites;

  • Store / Dropship
  • Review Site / Affiliate
  • AdSense

Store / Dropship Websites

Unfortunately Web Stores are by far the most popular type of website Newbies choose, they are also the hardest type of website to support & be successful with. 

Unless you are offering something totally unique, or your web store is an extension of an existing brick & mortar store, please think again when considering an online store as your e-commerce website.

Reasons to reconsider;

1/ Website Costs – As a store you need either e-commerce shopping cart software or an e-commerce provider plus a https:// Domain to accept credit card payments. 

2/ Product Sourcing – Obtaining products at low wholesale pricing may require “Company Incorporation”. Even then your volume will be so low when starting, it is unlikely you will have a very large profit margin, especially if you are competing in competitive markets.

3/ Time – If you are considering an E-Commerce website as a second source of income, then the time you are prepared to commit to the website is a major deciding factor as to the type of site you should build. Stores require daily accounting, telephone support, email support & shipping & receiving. If you don’t have the time consider a  different type of site.

Review Site / Affiliate

If you have just been put off building a web store then this is the type of e-commerce website for you.

Affiliate sites have all the advantages of a web store without the hassle.

Affiliate marketing is very simple, Vendors offer a percentage of their sale price to the person that sent them the customer. Without going into the technical aspects vendors provide you with a unique link which you place on your site, if your visitor follows your link & buys a product  you get a commission.

You are not limited to promoting only one vendor so Review sites are a great idea. Join the affiliate programs of several vendors offering similar products. Create a site that compares these products with your affiliate links tagged as “More Info” or “Buy Now” If your visitor buys any of the products after visiting your site you make money.

There is no support, & no requirement for secure domains or payment providers. You will be paid by check or directly into a PayPal account.

NOTE: The one disadvantage of affiliate marketing is that you don’t generate a customer list. List building is very important so offer your visitors an incentive to leave their personal information.


By far the easiest type of  e-commerce website to build.

Articles, RSS feeds, even automated content providers make AdSense sites simple to build & maintain with original & updating free content.

Once you have decided on a general topic & a relevant domain name, simply build pages using freely available Articles, RSS feeds or write your own. Insert your AdSense code (Google Adverts) in and around the articles & promote the site. Google will pay you for anyone that visits your site & clicks on an ad.

There are many different  ways of making money with an e-commerce website, however these are the most popular.